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Instruments & Bows

Viola D'amore - In Progress

Viola D'amore based on J.U. Eberle 1740 - ask me for more info!


Treble Viol Commision In Progress

Treble viol - String lenght 370.


Tenor Viol - Sold

Large tenor viol - String lenght 580. Model based on Richard Blunt 1605


Tenor Viol - Sold

Small tenor viol - String lenght 495. Model based on Henry Jaye


Baroque Cello - For Sale or Rent

Baroque cello after Matteo Goffriller. String lenght 690. Get in touch for more info.

cello voor en achter.jpg

Baroque bass bow - Sold

From Snakewood with screw frog and black hair.


Baroque treble bow - For Sale

From Service wood with fixed frog and white hair. Get in touch for more info.


Baroque bass bow - Sold

From Bloodwood with fixed frog and white hair. 


Baroque bass bow - Sold

From snakewood with fixed frog and black hair.


Classical Guitar - Sold

Red Cedar front, Maple back & sides, Cedrela neck and Ebony fingerboard

Koos Gitaar.png

Steelstring Guitar OM model - Sold

Red Cedar front, Rosewood back&sides, Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard

OM guitar.png

Casper Reede is a stringed instrument maker who makes instruments with a historical approach. He went to West Dean College, an internationally well-known instrument makers course, with the aim to build the highest quality instruments. He has made a large variety of instruments and bows so the knowledge of these skills can be adapted to his own instruments. Please contact me for more information - or if you want to discuss a commision.

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