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About Me

After finishing the wood and furniture college (HMC) in Rotterdam, with the specialisation musical instruments he had the great opportunity to work with different instrument makers in The Netherlands. In 2020 he went to England to study stringed instrument making at West Dean College. Here he developed his skills and knowledge about the historical approach of crafting stringed instruments in a traditional way. "I love the connection between musician and maker, it is an important personal role that can not be replaced by any large instrument factory."


Besides practical skills, research is also his area of insterests. Espacially in the past making methods and techniques which would benifit future projects and aspire his approaches. The main goal is to help musicians with their justified demand to play on the best instrument possible without any technical limitations.

Winner of the prestigious Tom Jenkins Award for Bowed Stringed Instruments 2022.

Casper Reede making cello
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